What Does WGAT Mean in Texting? 2 Possibilities

What Does WGAT Mean in Texting
What Does WGAT Mean on Snap
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what does wgat mean on snapchat
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What Does WGAT Mean in Snapchat? What Does WGAT Stand For?

Snapchat has become one of the most popular social media apps, especially among teenagers and young adults. On Snapchat, users heavily rely on slang terms and abbreviations to quickly communicate with friends. One abbreviation that has left many Snapchat users confused is “wgat.”

So, what does WGAT mean on Snapchat, TikTok and Instagram?

What Does WGAT Mean in Texting?

While there are a few potential meanings behind “wgat” on Snapchat, it most commonly stands for the phrase “who gives a toss.”

This slang expression is believed to have emerged from the London/UK area before spreading to younger Snapchatters in other regions.

The abbreviated “wgat” allows Snapchat users to casually brush off or dismiss something that they deem boring, tedious, or unimportant. It enables them to essentially say “who cares?” without having to type out the full phrase each time.

Some trace the roots of “wgat” back to the early days of text messaging when texts had limited characters. Shortening phrases helped save space and money at a time when texts were expensive. But the abbreviation has shown remarkable staying power, being passed down to new generations of digital natives who continue relying on it to this day.

So next time you see a “wgat” response on Snapchat, rest assured the user is not puzzled by typos or autocorrect fails. Rather, they are simply expressing their indifference or apathy towards something mundane through the slang terminology that many Snapchatters have come to know and love.

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Possibilities of WGAT

  • When the letters “g” and “h” appear consecutively as you type “what…”
  • “WGAT?” signifies “Who Gives A Toss?” and is employed when one has complete indifference or deems a topic irrelevant to the ongoing conversation. It functions as a standalone sentence conveying disinterest or dismissal.

The Breakdown of “WGAT”

To fully understand the meaning of “wgat,” it helps to break it down letter by letter:

W stands for “who”

G stands for “gives”

A stands for “a”

T stands for “toss”

Put together, these letters form the phrase “who gives a toss,” communicating casual indifference or dismissal.

The use of “toss” instead of a more explicit term gives the abbreviation a more lighthearted and inoffensive tone. At the same time, it gets the general sentiment across that the user does not care much about or attach much significance to whatever is being referenced.

When and Why Snapchatters Use “Wgat”

There are many scenarios in which a Snapchatter might reply “wgat” to a message:

  • In response to boring or tedious conversation topics that they want to brush aside
  • When someone is rambling on about unimportant details or issues
  • To casually dismiss something that they deem irrelevant or insignificant
  • To move on from subjects that don’t interest them and change the course of the conversation

Essentially, saying “wgat” allows users to gently shut down conversations they don’t wish to partake in without having to provide an explanation or come across as rude. The brevity and casualness of “wgat” makes it possible to smoothly switch gears to more intriguing topics.

Next time you get a “wgat” reply on Snapchat, consider if what you messaged was particularly boring or tedious for others. If so, taking the cue to move on to another subject may make for more engaging chat sessions!

Using “Wgat” Casually in Snapchat Conversations

Since “wgat” emerged as a way for Snapchatters to casually dismiss insignificant subjects, it tends to be used when replying to boring messages or details. For example:

Friend: “Ugh, I have to wake up early tomorrow for a dentist appointment.”

You: “Wgat…at least you’ll get it over with.”


Friend: “I’m so sleepy today. I barely got any sleep last night.”

You: “Wgat. Just take a nap later!”

As these examples demonstrate, “wgat” enables smoothly moving on from mundane complaints or unimportant updates without coming across as rude. The brevity captures the essence of indifference while keeping things lighthearted.

With so much inconsequential information flooding Snapchat daily, “wgat” can help redirect conversations to more intriguing territory. So embrace this versatile slang term next time you want to subtly shift gears to more compelling subjects!


Given the dynamic nature of language and cultural shifts, it can be hard to keep up with ever-changing slang terms and abbreviations, especially on fast-moving platforms like Snapchat. The popular shorthand “wgat” compresses the dismissive expression “who gives a toss” into an efficient format for snappy messaging.

While “wgat” originated in Britain as a polite way to convey “who cares?”, it has been widely adopted by young Snapchatters around the world to casually brush aside boring subjects and redirect conversations. As with many abbreviations permeating technology-based conversations, “wgat” has its roots in the constraints of early SMS messaging but persists today through ever-evolving slang terms passed across generations.

So the next time a “wgat” appears in your Snapchat messages, take it as a gentle cue that your conversation partner sees an opportunity to change directions or topics. Understanding the sentiment and history behind such slang shorthands can prevent misinterpretation in an age where speed is essential in digitally mediated conversations.

To stay up-to-date with the latest social media lingo, sites like Urban Dictionary offer helpful references on abbreviations across platforms. With “wgat” now firmly established in the pantheon of Snapchat slang for “who gives a toss,” this indispensable reference guide can offer clarity when inevitable new terms emerge!

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